The Sports Kitchen

Our routine

Five Days - Arrive Sunday evening until Friday lunchtime. Please see the location page for travel arrangements, we are able to meet buses and trains at Taunton.

Students are invited to arrive on Sunday between 5pm and 6.15pm and an evening supper is provided.

The daily routine starts with a light breakfast - last chance 9.00 - and the course activity starts daily at 9.30 until 11.00 followed by the cooking session from 11.30 - 1pm when we have lunch.

There is free time after lunch until 2.30 when we start the second activity session of the day, evening cooking starts at 6pm until 7.30 when it is supper time. Students are then free to relax after dinner (once the kitchen is clean - of course!) for the rest of the evening.

Courses usually include a social evening with the opportunity to choose and cook themed party food.

Contact Tricia on 01823 461394 or

Venetia on 01823 432419

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